Grand Polycoats Co P Ltd,

“Talk positive, be positive with affirmations, get started now, no procrastination, verbalise, vitalise and visualise goals”

Mr. Ketan Majumdar , Dy Mgr - Marketing

Anglo-French Drugs & Industries Ltd, 

“The program is a real eye opener. I have never attended such a practical program earlier. It has increased my self-confidence double-fold. It has taught that there is nothing in the world a human being cannot achieve. It only requires working SMARTER than”

Mr. B Subbarayalu , Manager - Legal & Admn

Hindustan Motors Ltd, 

“It's different - useful in personal and professional life”

Dr.Rajendra Nath Choubey , Divisional Manager

 Mazgaon Docks Ltd, 

“This program helps in improving the personal qualities which thereby improves the overall performance in office and society. Also improves moral values”

Mr. C C Padmanabhan , Chief Manager - Design

Anglo French Drugs & Industries Ltd.

"This is a very good program, professionally organized and conducted. It has covered all the topics which is required by each person of every industry"

Mr . N V Prakash , Logistics Manager

 Emtici Engineering Co Ltd,

“LMI has changed my lifestyle and provided me good health, wealth and prosperity”

Mr. Girish Wandrekar , Heading of Service Division

Amrutanjan Ltd, 

“This program is helpful to come out of the shell and increase the quality of life”

Mr . J Ravichandranr ,Dy. Sr. Manager - QA.

Unnati Unlimited

“The facilitator is the key person to hasten and ease the process of change for the participant”

Ms. Ruchi Shah , Co. Facilitator

Apar Industries Ltd.,

“From the program I can say the following which are implemented and beneficial. Change of attitude, self-confidence goes up, Self decision at a time”

Dr. M N Joshi , Asst. Manager ( R & D )

Lifelong Appliances Ltd.

“Really eye-opening and worthy to go through”

Mr. Durbha Koomar , Sr. G.M (Operation)

Eimco Elecon India Ltd,

“Whatever are your plans the program helps to achieve them”

Mr. C T Dave , Executive Director

Elecon Engg Co Ltd,

“EPP manual has become a part of my life. Goal setting has become a routine for all business and personal matters. EPP program is excellent, every sentence is worth highlighting”

Mr. C S Shah , AGM (Equipment Design)


“Excellent program with powerful concepts to provoke thoughts for personal & corporate goals.”

Mr. Chander Mani , Manager - Mechanical

Hindustan Motor

“The program is very useful as it helps in Smart Goal setting, teaching about time management, delegation, priorities, setup and also gives improvements to personal and family life.”

Mr. Ratan Lal Seyhia , Asst. G.M. Material

Anglo French Drugs & Indust Ltd.,

“EPP program makes us aware of our certain autopilot actions in both professional and personal situations so that the flaws litter to unrecognized can be ironed out to enhance productivity.”

Dr. Badrenath H.R , Medical Advisor

Anglo French Drugs & Indust Ltd.

“Programme is very good, interesting and effect in long lasting. One can be sure of achieving the results positively.”

Mr. M.C. Kumar , Plant Manager

UPL Limited.

“I feel that I was sleeping with the ideas which I had, but now I have waken up.”

Mr. Harish G Sadhwani , Chief Manager Eng

Eveready Industries India Ltd.

“The EPP program helped me to develop as a complete person, to recognise my hidden potentiality and utilise them on my day to day activities and bring some what spice on my routine life.”

Mr. Nathaniel Joseph , Executive Accounts

 Anglo French Drugs & Ind Ltd.,

“I felt really rejuvenated by the end of the program. The total program was like a mirror which reflected my areas of strength, weakness and my hidden under developed skills.”

Mr. P.M. Vijayan , Area Sales Manager

Elecon Eng Co. Ltd.

“I found the LMI aim is to earn more money I.e. money oriented over giving absolute training for nation building. Should be introduced in form of curriculum at school & college level to make it more effective. We should screen the delegates for their ready.”

Mr. Pravin Kantilal Patel , Sr. Manager - Stv Design

Anglo French Drugs & Industries Ltd.

“This programme is must for everybody in order to organise himself, his team members, utilise time productively to achieve his personal and professional goals.”

Mr. Pradeep V Joshi , General Manager (Tech)

EMTICI Engg Ltd.

“It is a wonderful programme & its my pleasure that I am selected for this programme.”

Mr. Dhaval R Shah , Sr. Asst. Export Mktg

Chugh Securities (P) Ltd,

“Follow up is essential”

Mr. Subhash Chugh , Managing Director

E.I.D. Parry (I) Ltd.

“This LMI Program has focused our work method by effective planning / prioritising and stretching.”

Mr. Jayasankar R , Shift Engineer

 EID Parry (I) Ltd.

“It has improved my quality of work at work place, improved my mental wakeup and also helped in family role”

Mr. N.K. Sundararajan , Manager - Plant M/C

Emtici Engineering Ltd.

“Excellent a recipe for success, team building and personal life reorganization through a set of excellent tools.”

Mr. Mahesh B. Desai , Sr. Manager & MR

Gold Star Jewellery Ltd.

“No doubt that the programme is very effective and practical. But I experienced that very little of these could be implemented as people above me, working with me do not follow these concepts and hence I need to compromise in many areas. It is very important”

Mr. Ketan Narendra Panchal , G.M. - Production

Eimco Elecon India Ltd.

“Program was useful to me on a personal level. Did not improve much at work place may be due to my high expectation.”

Mr. C. Krishnan , Manager Engineering

Borosil Glass Works, 

“Programme is good. Audio visuals can be used more, web cameras & interaction with other LMI participants across country & world.”

Mr. P.R. Mistry , Asst. Manager (Engg & Development)

 EMTICI Eng Ltd.

“In that good”

Mr. Shah Arvind Vallabhdas , Executive Director

 Bhandari Gupta & Asso,

“The program was good. We know the technique. However need is to change habit pattern. The program address this issue of parts. My regular for follow up pronged to attend again did not have any response.”

Mr. R.C. Gupta , Partner

BPL Limited.

“Extremely motivating, helps to discover oneself, rejuvenate and work with enthusiasm.”

Mr. V.B. Dominic Savio , DGM-Prod. Planning & Tech Sup

Mangalore Refinery and Petrochemicals Ltd,.

“There has been a lot of change in working style. Importance is given to time management, planning, goal setting etc. affirmation tool is used regularly.”

Mr. B. Sudharshan , Manager (Inst.)

Wartsila (I) Ltd.

“The programme is very specific towards individual goals.”

Mr. K. Santh Kumar , Manager-Spares,

Mangalore Refinery and Petrochemicals Ltd.

“The main benefit I received from LMI is the visualization and Affirmation aspect which helps to increase the motivation level. I like to give an example which is enclose.”

Mr. Prasanth Sankar Poduval , Dy. Manager - Electrical Maintenance

Anglo French Durgs & Ind Ltd.

“Excellent and eye opener in many ways. Attached as separate sheet highlighting, the benefits.”

Mr. P.K. Shetty , General Manager - Materials

 Anglo French Durgs & Ind Ltd.

“The programme has helped me organise my personal and professional life so as to make it more productive and meaningful.”

Mr. Abraham Verghese , General Manager - HRD

Haxpro,United Phosphorus Ltd.

“I have found a life time tool to tackle any crises in my life and continuously improve the quality of my life.”

Dr. Sanjay Jain , General Manager

Bimetal Bearings Ltd., 

“There was a feel good factor when you start seeing results from smart goals.”

Mr. S. Narayanan , Sr. G.M (Mfg)

 EID Parry (I) Ltd.

“To helped to realign my activities to be come more productive”

Mr. N. Manikkam , Senior Manager

Anglo French Drugs & Ind Ltd.

“This program helped me to realize my potential, Importance of time and its management. LMI gave me the experience of goal setting short / long term, and achieving it, and it also giving me the faculty and get started for any project. Which was the main he”

Mr. K. Selvam , Area Sales Manager

Rubain Ltd.

“This program helps to change your habit. Which otherwise look impossible / rather difficult to change.”

Mr. Navin Dalmia , Chief Business Manager

Rubain Pharmaceuticals.

“Very positive change by following goals setting, per life information and small things like getting down to the subject quickly when you are on phone.”

Mr. Soumitra Banerjee , Chief Business Manager

 Elecon Engg. Co. Ltd.

“The program has made lot of changes like attitude towards others, started thinking positively, keep cool during crisis, started believing that others are intelligent & give more time to family and social activity.”

Mr. Bhatt Vijay Jagdish , Tech. Asst to CMD

 Siemens Ltd 

“Program is very good. However, there is a need for constant follow up maybe even personal, to support the individual to achieve his / her goals.”

Mr. Shrikant S Dikhale , Chief Manager - Personnel

ICICI Infotech Ltd.

“A lot of this is common sense taught to you in school, business school, by elders in the family. But after attaining a position to a level of maturity. When this is repeated back to you in simple no nonsense language the impart of what you have been missing”

Mr. Feroze K. Katrak , Senior Manager

Forward Leather Company

“EPP was good but EPL really opened up my mind to harness the power within.”

Mr. Muhamad Yavar Dhala , Managing Director

 Adhunik Power Systems P Ltd.

“Good program, few things I was already practicing but now I know a scientific and methodical way of doing these, I feel the higher you grow the more you need to implement these.”

Mr. Ashutosh Paliwal , Sr. Manager

Maa Bozell.

“I opened up and realised a number lot things that have got blunted. I am today far more focussed on what I want.”

Mr. Ram Kumar Seshu , Chief Operation Officer

BPL Engg Ltd.

“I have learnt to enhance faith in god work towards goals, this has blessed my family success in life and peace of Mind.”

Mr. Joseph Veigas , General Manager

ICICI Infotech Ltd.

“I was blessed to be nominated for the program. I learned several tricks and enjoyed several benefits out of the program. In particular the repeated listening of tapes was most effective. It was good to set goals in various areas of life.”

Mr. Shantanu Tavargeri , Sr. Manager

Delphi Automotive Systems Private Limited.

“Program was a very good experience and has not only changed the working but also helps me to give a clear way to my gaols and targets.”

Mr. Sunil Kumar Mehta , Executive Sales & Marketing

Siemens Limited, ICMMP

“The program is exceptionally good contributing to the business as well as to personal goals.”

Mr. Umesh kumar Gupta , Manager Commercial

Siemens Limited.

“An eye opener, rejuvenating experience which sets the path for continuous”

Mr. Vikas Sharma , Sr. Executive - Corporate Account,

Siemens Limited.

“LMI module is good till the time you cross the threshold ; thereafter naturally you by default raise the bar and go for the excellent & On & On & On.”

Mr. Arun Kaul ,Sr. Executive - Sales

Management Engine  Power Systems Group, GMMCO Ltd.

“Refreshing change from numerous other run of the mill ones attended in my career spanning 24 years. Like I said and was quoted in your Newsletter - "Should have happened to me 15 yrs ago.". Maybe someday after I've retired, may want to be a facilitator ”

Mr. N. Surya Prakash , Divisional Manager

T V Sundaram Iyengar & Sons Ltd.

“The entire programme is well prepared and presented the king of people who should get these trainings. Would find the cost on the higher side. Unless they are tied up to some measurable / visible perceived results.”

Mr. S. Ravichandran ,Vice President (Logistics Division)

 Pranali Industrial Services Pvt Ltd.

“The Program gives a new direction towards self determination and an approach towards life.”

Ms. Swati J Buch , Managing Director

ICICI Bank Ltd.

“Goal setting. Time management, scheduling affirmations.”

Mr. Rishi D Haddha , Branch Manager

Rosy Blue India Pvt. Ltd.

“The EPP program has opened my mind to the basics of achieving success through time management and hence achieving higher greater personal productivity.”

Russell Mehta,  Managing Director

Aditya Birla Insulators

“I am happy to share that I have completed my LMI goal of repayment of home loan approximately 8.5 years ahead of schedule. LMI played a key role in my approach. Thanks for the opportunity.”

Tejinder Pal Singh, Head HR

Luthra Pneumsys

“I wish to tell you the amazing difference the EPP program has made in my life. I have sorted out my personal life ... my relationships have vastly improved, my time with my children is getting me more fulfillment than I had ever imagined.
My work life has turned around, I have set up my JV in Singapore with an European company. I have set up office in UAE and Singapore. My projects business in India has gone to a different level.”

Rajiev Luthra,  Director

Siemens Ltd.

“EPP: A TOOL OF SUCCESS - A program for 21st Century.”

Pawan Kumar Mishra, Senior Manager

Digital Agents Interactive Pvt. Ltd.

“I was living a lie until I had joined EPP but now, I know I am on right path to become a better leader. Thank you EPP.”

Mohit Ramani, Founder

Manohar Lal Jewellers

“EPP gave me a DIRECTION and FOCUS. Each session was like epiphany. I will imbibe all the positive learnings and practices for the betterment of MY TEAM, MY FAMILY & MYSELF.”

Mohit Shekhar, Production Manager 

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