Logistics & Infrastructure

“The ideas that proved beneficial to me and the goals that I have accomplished
through this course are enumerated in the following paragraphs:-

a)Time Management skills improved. Saved a total of 70 Minutes/day (30 minutes from professional life and 40 from personal life and utilizing the same for creative planning and self-development. Long pending things got started and procrastination under control.
b)My public/group speaking skills improved through this program. I had the confidence to address a gathering of over 160 people recently. This is a new found confidence I obtained through this program.”

V.B. Pillai – Manager

Mazagon Dock Limited – Mumbai

“I have become a time saver because of my proper planning and goal setting as without them no amount of activity or hard work ever produces meaningful results or increases my personal productivity. I am now concentrating more on my High pay off activities. Low Pay off activities is being delegated to my other team members whose time is costing less as compared to my time. The time thus saved is now being used in planning and self-development. By establishing priorities I have saved time, trouble and efforts.”

A.K. Gupta – Chief Manager

gon Dock Limited – Mumbai


“At the end of the program made me to introspect. It has energized me to act differently, more positively and with a clear direction as to how differently, more positively and with a clear direction as to how to get more out of myself, my subordinates and my day. It has shown me my weaknesses and my strong points, and taught me how my weaknesses can be turned to positive advantage by progressive realization of worthwhile predetermined personal goals.”

P.D. Vapiwala – Chief Executive Operation

“I have delegated about 75% of my jobs and carry only 25% personally of high payoff activities such as top financial matters, planning, training and directing to my team members for the achievement of organization of organizational goals. I have improved a lot in communication systems and gained a lot of time for high payoff activities. I have learned to control my temperament and accepted that the mistake of my team is a part of learning process and consider it as a challenge for our success in the future”

S.C. Banerjee – Director

Depe Global Shipping Agencies Private Limited – Mumbai


“Measuring the increase in personal productivity is difficult but sincere only figures can be used as measure, would put it as 20% increase with realization of scope for 100% improvement. And this awareness shall fuel the enthusiasm to do better every day. On the home from it has brought a father closer to his children which eventually makes it easier to make the General happy.”

Capt. KP Kekre

Shreyas Shipping Limited – Mumbai

“This program has given me an insight into myself and awakened in me a true value of my own self. It has enlightened me about what I can do without or with my team, how I can realize my potential and how can I help my team mates realize their potential. The greatest achievement of this program as far as I concerned is, gift to clear vision and road map for that vision.”

D.K . Sheth

Gujarat Infrastructure Development Board – Gandhinagar


“From the EPP program, I have direct benefits of getting more time available to me which I am spending in performing High Pay-off activities. The team members with whom I work have become more responsive & cohesive and result oriented since I have understood & started practicing empathy. I am setting definite goals for definite work.”

Nayan Raval – G.M (Development)

Gujarat Industrial Development Corporation – Gandhinagar