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“It is my pleasure to share the experience of being part of LMI program conducted for the management team of our school.
Even before doing LMI program, the school was functioning well, growing well but being a new setup, there were too many emergency situations when we will have to work beyond our expectations, and we were facing things as they were coming.
Through LMI we realized the value of our time, we could identify our high payoff activities, we now know importance of investing more time in high payoff activities and importance of building a team and delighting tasks to appropriate team members.

LMI has also contributed at personal level, I am now able to take out time for my personal hobbies without feeling guilty, also now I am able to create quality family time. It is now possible to focus on priorities.
As management, now we are more focused on building and motivating team, setting appropriate goals and working on planning process to achieve the same.
To be very honest, most of the times we know what we need to do, but we don’t realize the importance of it, or we are not able to follow because we don’t have the right guidance.
LMI has provided us the guidance which was necessary for our team to work more efficiently and enjoy the journey of growth. I would definitely recommend this program to all the schools and professional organizations.
Thank you so much for leading us to introspection and showing us, there is another way…..”

Kekul Vikas – Director

The Millennium School – Surat

“1.The school has benefited in changing my attitudes towards planning and goal setting. Usually I use to concentrate more on the routine work, and involve myself in all small jobs of various people and interfering into very minute details, and never use to get time to plan for long term goals but LMI program helped in identifying payoff activities,
2.The feedback sheets impressed me a lot for practice purpose. First to identify specific problem, like arranging my table, which was a mess and I won’t get the right paper at right time, feeding into the sheet made me conscious to rectify and arrange my stuff in an orderly way.

3.The feedback sheets also impressed me to up my own problems which can be measurable, attainable and review them constantly in a time bound period, anything which has been not looked into, can be checked in a week’s time.

4.20 percent efforts and benefiting 80 percent of work is very amazing, this helped me in delegating the work to the subordinates. this yielded very good results without much painful efforts from my side.

5.This program has impacted me the most in delegating the work, empowering the subordinates and also having right attitude in accepting their mistakes and faults.
6.This program has helped me to make teachers responsible, and also looking in to their view point, and also liberated me in asking them to come out with their planning and solutions, this has improved their confidence level.

7.It has made me a good listener to understand their attitudes, if we are dominating or putting fear into their minds, teachers will never try to contribute, but place a time bomb, quietly withdraw and never be bold enough to express their thoughts which may be valuable inputs.

8.It helped me to be more specific and up to the point, rather than making generalized statements where time can be saved with brief instructions. 9.In this modern, 21st century schools are not managed in an orthodox traditional ways, so it is important to run the school using modern management techniques, schools are managed like corporates so it is inevitable to use scientific methods and plans.”

Maxwell – Principal

Maxwell – Surat


“The EPP program of LMI helped us in the following ways:

1.Have had a lot of realizations
2.The reading has given us a lot of ideas and areas of improvements to work on.

3.The reviews were fun and kept me n pace with the whole reading and understanding someone else’s viewpoints too.

4.Was and will be a great learning experience

5.Few changes brought in our organization during the productivity course was :

a)Every employee has been given a well – defined role
b)Self – directed teams were appointed and their roles have been briefed
c)Able to organize several projects (due to these self-directed teams)
d)Started training more teachers and people who want to be a part of our Academy
e)Opened a new batch
f)Started a new studio

6.Above all, this course has been a great influence on our organization’s achievements and progress for these few months.
7.We would like to follow this program and also help our employees to build themselves in their lives.”

S.T. Shah – Partner

S T Shah & Co – Ahmedabad