“The program has undoubtedly brought about a tremendous change in my attitude towards work, family and life in general. I have learnt to prioritize, to set goals, and work effectively towards them, in every walk of life. To put it plainly. I am more organized.”

Geeta Sheth

Communication Management Consulting Group.

“I have already got encouraging results by implementing the suggestions made in the ‘Time Management’ chapter and these results have been enhanced by practicing the contents of the chapter on ‘Controlling Priorities’. I have been able to organize my time and my work in such a way that I am now working smarter than harder.”

Uday Vaidya – Chairman

Multicorp International – Pune


“The program has changed my concepts completely and has given me eye opening insights in relation to time management, goal setting & communication.”

S.T. Shah – Partner

S T Shah & Co – Ahmedabad

“I have experienced much achievement during the programmed. For example I have started focus on my high priority activities. I have also either delegated or eliminated my low pay-off activities I am now ready for my work at 8 AM and have developed some sense of discipline.”

Samir Choksi – Director

Ramans Consultancy Services Pvt. Ltd. – Ahmedabad


“Opportunities never come to those who wait – they are captured by those who dare to ‘Attack’. One of the ways to ‘Attack’ is to attend Paul J.Meyer EPP Program. It is not Time Management, it is “Time Investment” is what I learnt from the program.”


Financial Consultant

“I have clear concept on what are the things to be done in what sequence when and how. The course has changed several of my habits all of which now contribute to improved productivity.”

P.K. Kesavan – Programme Director

Kerala Horticulture Development Programme – Cochin