“It has built tremendous self confidence leading to finalization of VR 2 being on my own. Visualization has paid rich dividend in buying an imported car.”

Gyan Misra – Add. Div (HR, Trg & Admin)

Petroleum India International – Mumbai

“Many Thanks for your guidance and leading us all the way to enrich ourselves with the LMI program. It has been a great opportunity and experience to learn and interact with my colleagues on improving productivity on both official and personal front. Your style of facilitation has been enjoyable, making it participative, and an overwhelming experience. I have also personally achieved many goals during the sessions giving me an insight and reminding me of the equal importance of setting and achieving personal goals along with official work goals. Many thanks to you once again.”

Ramesh Srinivasan – Manager

Castrol India Ltd


“This programme helped the team to look at the business as a team:
i)Achieving 1st quarter target 100% in terms of sale and profit.
ii)Improved Inter & Intra departmental communication and response time due to which we are sure to achieve this year A.O.P. target 100%.”

D.R. Swar – Vice President

Kirloskar Oil Engines Limited

“Difference between what I was is substantial in terms of personal productivity has yielded instant monetary benefits. Not less than Rs. 50 lacs is going to be the saving to the company. The effects of the programme are multiple and permanent.”

D.V. Patwardhan – Associate Vice President (Finance)

Kirloskar Oil Engines Limited


“During this course of time, the following activities are focused and stressed for the results.

Professional Goals :

i.Increase of flowing wells and liquidation of sick wells to enhance oil Production of Jotana area to achieve the target.
ii.To maintain Safe practices at wells and installations of Surface of Asset to achieve zero accidents.”

Doraiah – DGM Production

Oil and Natural Gas Corporation Limited.

“The long term professional goal was assigned by our Executive Director who happens to be my direct reporting officer also, to create a data bank in my section. Creating a data bank in a section which is supposed to monitor all the activities of the Asset, was a very challenging job. But as the course progressed, the method of enhancing productivity was practiced which helped a lot in achieving my goals. Personal Goals: Personal goals were also set for long term as well as short term. Let me tell you, I am Reiki Channel I & II both. It was not being practiced since last 2 Years. I set the goal to practice Reiki to regain my effectiveness in this field. From the last 3 months, by regular practice, i have regained the effectiveness to a great extent. I was the chronic gastritis patient. My gastritis and acidity is under check. I feel healthy and cheerful.”

M.C. Srivastave – Chief Manager (Res)

Oil and Natural Gas Corporation Limited


“During the last three months I have applied the following ideas and tools from EPP:

a)Change in attitude for continuous improvement.
b)Planning and goals setting.
d)Attitude towards other people.
e)Attitude towards external circumstances.
f)Attitude towards Practices and procedures.

g)Attitude towards self.
h)Identifying and using high payoff activities.
i)Value of time / do it now.
j)Get started.
k)Communication. And by applying these ideas I am saving 25 – 30
minutes daily and accomplished the following goals:

l)Achieved collection of 58 sets of Well logs.
m)18 sets of well completion reports.
n) Updated well data card for 48 wells. Personally productivity analysissheet helped me to identify the unproductive time (15-20 minutes). I was spending every day, now I am utilizing in high payoff activity. I will apply “The ideas of Empowering the Team & Self-directed Team”
in future.”

Manoj Kumar – Senior Geologist

Oil and Natural Gas Corporation Limited – Assam

“I had under gone the EPP training conducted by OPUS at ONGC Nazira for the last 2 months. It was an excellent course. It imparted the time, cost conscience in me.
The tasks are construed as goals and the schedules are monitored through monitoring tools, resulting in the time and cost saving in achieving the goals.

Some specific achievement made by me is listed below:
– Completed the LOGMIS software in record time.
– The benefit to the ONGC from the Soft Ware developed is approximately Rs. 10 Lakhs.
– Saved nearly 15 to 30 minutes per day by prioritizing the jobs.”

Mr. P. Ramalingam Supdt. Geophycist (Wells)

Oil & Natural Gas Corporation Limited – Guwahati