“The difference this course has made is substantial. What was always “I can’t find the time:” been replaced by “I can now manage my time”. Not just has my work productivity improved. I have found an extra hour or more of work time that I can devote to high pay off activities. Having completed the LMI training, we at Agri-Sciences are keen that the organization “breathes” the concept of LMI in our day to day interaction and professional activities.”

Limji Nanabhoy – Director

Agri-Science (India) Pvt. Ltd. – Mumbai

“The program, and the process used have immense value in that they are easy to understand and commit to practical use. The program helped me identify locations within, which explain certain behavior and attitudes. This in turn has caused a changed in my attitude and has shown me the way to become a happier and more productive individual.”

M.M. Venkatachalam – Executive Director

Parry Agro – Chennai


“We, an authorized dealer for TVS two wheelers were averaging a sale of about 350 units per month. The immediate impact of this EPP training program is that from then on we were able to achieve our target sales figure of 450 units on an average per month”

R.Ramamuthy, Sathyaa TVS,

Authorised Main Dealer

“The EPP program of LMI helped us in the following ways:
– Have had a lot of realizations
– The reading has given us a lot of ideas and areas of improvements to work on.
– The reviews were fun and kept me n pace with the whole reading and understanding someone else’s viewpoints too.
– Was and will be a great learning experience
– Few changes brought in our organization during the productivity course was :
– Every employee has been given a well – defined role
– Self – directed teams were appointed and their roles have been briefed
– Able to organize several projects (due to these self-directed teams)
– Started training more teachers and people who want to be a part of our Academy
– Opened a new batch
– Started a new studio
– Above all, this course has been a great influence on our organization’s achievements and progress for these few months.

We would like to follow this program and also help our employees to build themselves in their lives.”

Deepika Gopinath & Swara Patel – Co Partners

Rhythmus HappyFeet – Arts & Culture


“LMI is a perfect platform which reignites the spark and again challenges an individual to create goals. The EPP program helps to create a road map for implementing changes and improving productivity. Any individual, who does the program sincerely, will get what he wants and when he wants. I would recommend this program to anyone who has lost his aspirations in this fast paced competitive world. Doing the program helps both professionally and personally.”

Mohammad Azim – Managing Director

Metto Super Market Pvt. Ltd – Orissa