Financial Sector – Bank

“Rewards of the program are such that is too high, diverse and ever lasting to make an accurate computation. However, I have gained 2 1/2 hrs to 3 hrs everyday since my attending the program. This itself translates monetarily into Rs. 120,000/- p.a. at my present level of salary.”


ICICI Banking Corporation Limited – Mumbai

“Some of the ways in which I have personally benefited from the program have been a heightened awareness of self-worth and potential, the ability to stay focused and increasing empathy towards colleagues and subordinates, thus leading to enhanced productivity. In fact, according to my estimation, I detect an improvement of around 60% in all my activities after completion of the program.”

Mahendra Vyas – Senior Officer

ICICI Banking Corporation Limited – Mumbai


“The training has indeed given me a better quality of life by reducing stress and strain, despite increasing my productivity in the region of 40%”

Ratan Das

ICICI Banking Corporation Limited – Mumbai

“It has helped me immensely in changing my attitude and behavior in both my personal and professional fields. My personal productivity has increased by 30 to 35% and with spaced repetition, I am certain that I am capable of increasing it to 60% over the next two years”

Dilip Satpathy – Branch Manager

ICICI Bank – Kolkata


“I must say that this program has got me out of my mental rut, given me new thoughts, new visions and new ambitions. It would also help me to enthusiasm among my associates. As a result of this program, I feel I have completed 70% of the focused goals in the Win/Win agreement. Even this 70% has resulted in the saving of Rs. 3 lacs for my organization”

L.N. Rajan – Deputy Manager

ICICI Bank – Mumbai

“On a conservative estimate I feel that there has already been a 50% increase in overall productivity. I feel that over a period of time this factor of productivity improvement is likely to further increase, as I am able to put into practice the various techniques of the program more effectively. I would not hesitate to recommend this program, especially if it is conducted by you, to any executive or person seeking to substantially improve his or her overall productivity.”

Mr. M.B. Battliwala – Deputy General Manager

ICICI Investors Services Limited – Mumbai