All the LMI online programs are hosted on the LMI LEARN platform. This enables access for registered participants to the course materials. These include the lesson text, lesson tools, audios and quizzes.

The course is delivered using online meeting platforms like ZOOM, Google meets or others.

All LMI programs are multisession with around a 2 hour session every week, repeating week on week at the designated time and day of the week.

There are no lectures and the sessions are highly interactive and action oriented. The are conducted by LMI certified Coaches and Facilitators.

The uniqueness of the LMI programs are that they produce significant change and visible outcomes.

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The Total Leader : Effective Personal Productivity® (EPP)
The Total Leader : Effective Personal Leadership® (EPL)
The Total Leader : Effective Motivational Leadership® (EML)
The Total Leader : Effective Leadership Development® (ELD)  
Effective Selling Strategies
The Total Leader: Effective Selling Strategies® (ESS)
Effective Strategic Leadership
The Total Leader: Effective Strategic Leadership® (ESL)
Lesson Attitude Is Everything
The Total Leader : 4-Lesson Attitude Is Everything!!™ (AIE4)