Col Prakash Tewari (Retd)

My journey from the Armed Forces to the Corporate World has been full of dilemmas and introspection on meaning of life and duty. I seldom ponder as to why, while serving in Armed Forces had so high level of self esteem, motivation, dedication and honour, to the extent that self or any of my men could lay down their lives for the goals and purpose of the Organisation. Many of us did in our line of duty !!!!! Our motivation was never a promotion or a financial reward.

Our respect for Leaders were based on trust, respect, relationship and unlimited liability. Ethical and Moral Leadership was the base on which we accepted the lawful command, when ordered to go into conditions which could lead to our death. This I think,  set us apart from other profession, and was the heart of understanding the meaning of duty. 

The other factor was co-operative spirit that emphasised on the importance of group over an individual. Success required subordination of the individual will to the will of the group.These high value systems made us answerable to our own conscience for what we did and no one else !!!

In most of the Corporates I served, could feel the ethos of the Organisation based on how they trained and treated their employees. Very few understood the need to develop a highly engaged – highly motivated, dedicated , outcome based performing  national asset/ leaders !!!!