• Franchising Opportunity in Consulting and Leadership Development

    Today, LMI operates in over 80 countries with materials translated in more than 25
    languages. We are represented by professional, certified Licensed or Franchise
    owners. There are many entrepreneurial business opportunities today, and
    thousands of franchises from which to choose. LMI is truly a career of choice;
    special people have made the LMI business their business for 20, even 35 years.

    I can proudly say that I am in the greatest business on earth. I don’t work a day as I am pursuing what I like – adding value to myself, people and organisations.

    The association with Leadership Management International (LMI) has been a great journey. The greatest impact it has had on is my self-image which thereby helped me achieve a quantum leap in all the endeavors I have pre-determined.

    The fellowship we enjoy in the LMI family is great had/have earned great teachers, mentors and friends over the years.
    Anand Naidu
    LMI India Licensee, Surat


    Being in the LMI business for the last 15 years has given me the following benefits:

    1. Personal Growth: LMI programs gave me the opportunity for personal growth same with extensive self-introspection and subsequent action for improvement.
    2. Freedom: I was my own boss and worked the way I wanted to. I could balance the wheel of life better and fix my own priorities.
    3.  Satisfaction: The facilitation of the programs and the changes seen in the participants provide great satisfaction of having contributed to their lives.
    4. Power: This came from the knowledge that you had the power to help somebody change, improve their productivity, relationships, health and financial situation and make them happier.

    Dr.Naren Majithia
    LMI Licensee, Vadodara



    It was by sheer chance that I got introduced to the world of learning, which culminated in my association with LMI.

    An absolutely AHA experience for me. The fulfilment I get in touching lives far surpasses the exhilaration which I experienced while closing a lucrative financial deal, in my earlier profession.

    The LMI process is so wonderfully crafted that it guarantees desired results.

    It is a tremendous learning experience, not only for the participants but also for the facilitator.

    Kadambari Deodhar –
    LMI Licensee, Mumbai

  • Material to be supplied as part of Licensee Kit

    1. One EPP program kit as supplied by LMI USA including manual, CD, Personal Goal Workbook, important imperative cards
    2. One STS (Sales Training System Manual) kit as supplied by LMI USA
    3. One EPP Facilitation Manual as supplied by LMI USA.
    4.  Highlighter
    5. Four Colour pen
    6. Soft copy Kit of licensee use files comprising of :Kickoff presentation, EPP presentation for clients, testimonial punchlines, EPP outline file, Standard format of EPP proposal, LMI mailer, order form, ROMAR, latest price list, LMI logo file, annexure for print and use by licensee (actionpage, session checklist for facilitator, personal success plan, post program evaluation form), e-brochures etc
    7. Laminated copy (one set) of all power thoughts for EPP
    8. One set of EPP full session handouts for photocopying and use
    9. Sales problem identifier sheet laminated

  • New Licensee obligations checklist

    1. Complete the EPP (if not already done, then under a mentor)
    2. Complete the STS (under a  mentor)
    3. Complete and discuss the facilitation guidelines manual
    4. Fully follow the LMI processes for Sales & Facilitation as given in STS and Facilitation manuals
    5. Attend live kick off session of other licensee
    6. Attend a few live sessions of other licensee
    7. Make annual goals, breakdown into monthly goals
    8. For first year interact with Master Licensee on weekly goals
    9. Send weekly and monthly reports and tracking as required
    10. Complete a list of 200 prospects, 50 to get started / as advised by Master Licensee
    11. Attend all Career Development Conference (three national and all mini-Career Development Conference)
    12. Devote time and effort, in an organised way, to build the business
    13. Attend Certification meet when they are held
    14. Attend one new licensee LMI basic training induction meet or equalent
    15. Send the obtained client testimonials from participants to Master Licensee
    16. Send the session feedback final forms and participant forms to the Master Licensee
    17. Monthly sharing of prospects list with Master Licensee to enable first register.

  • LMI India Obligations:

    • Provide the connect to the LMI brand by appointing as LMI licensee
    • Provide materials and kits that help the licensee learn about successfully running the LMI licensee ship
    • Hold 3 national Career Development Conferences (CDC’s) for licensee development annually
    • Hold at least 1 new licensee development mini CDC in the region or more as needed: further training on how to sell and training how to facilitate
    • Assign Master Licensee support mentor’s to get the licensee developed and become productive for the first year of new licensee operations
    • Offer email, phone and live support to guide the licensee to reach his/her potential for the first year
    • Attend some facilitation session(s) held by the new licensee and provide suitable feedback.
    • Award basic LMI Certifications to Licensee (Sales and Facilitation certifications) on completion of 50 programs sale and facilitation with the condition that licensee must have attended at least 1 national CDC, 1 mini CDC and completed the basic induction training.
    • Supply the kits imported from LMI, USA to the Licensee against paid up orders
    • Track and suggest avenues for further enhancement to the licensee
    • Provide LMI program completion certificates signed by LMI USA, Master Licensee for successful participants to the Licensee for his counter signature and award to people who complete the LMI programs under him/her.
    • Master Licensee may assign cross territory accounts, only after the first year, to the Licensee provided the performance of the licensee has been up to the mark and availability of such assignments
    • Support Licensees in their growth on an ongoing basis beyond the first year
    • Support licensee to learn facilitation of other programs (ELD) after (s)he gets to be productive on the flagship EPP program
    • Resolve any prospects overlap issues with other licensees
    • Obtain testimonials from participants of Licensee programs and share as feasible on all India testimonial database

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